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Are you ready to raise your property value with a new driveway or asphalt repairs? We can help! Whether you’re in need of pavement resurfacing, driveway overlays, custom designs, or asphalt replacing – you can trust in us to provide the complete solutions you’ve been searching for!

For homeowners and commercial property owners in the St. Louis metro area, driveways and other paving issues are a common concern. Our harsh winters are hard on all driveways and paved areas, and many property owners face the need to repair or replace an old driveway. When that need arises, most St. Louis homeowners don’t know where to turn to get a quality driveway replacement or repair.

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At Carl Burns, we believe that understanding the basics of driveways is the best way to assure yourself that you’re making the best decisions. We invite you to use this website to inform yourself about driveways and paving, and about how Carl Burns does business. We know that once you understand the paving process, we believe that you’ll choose Carl Burns Paving as your driveway paving contractor. Our long experience, dedication to quality and customer service, competitive pricing, and thousands of satisfied customers are our hallmarks. Contact us anytime for a free, no-obligation consultation on your driveway and other paving needs. Let us show you why our reputation is legendary and our driveway paving and driveway sealing services are the best.

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From residential to commercial asphalt paving services, you are GUARANTEED to experience total satisfaction when you choose us for help!